Saturday, January 02, 2010

Aspects of Shinto

I think there are 4 aspects in Shinto which is Japanese original religion.

1) Political religion - National Shinto
This is an aspect about Shinto which the governor of Japan use to govern the nation of Japan.
The Emperor was thought as the God and govern with the Shinto as the religious backbone.

2) Political religion - Old Shinto
This aspect is like the 1), but it are made by ordinary people, not by governor. "Tenri",
"Omoto", "Mahikari", and so on are famous religious organizations of old Shinto.

3) Spiritual aspect
There are a lot of spiritual being whose name are well known in Shinto.

4) Basical religion using "ki" energy.
I think there are no specific doctrine in Shinto religion, nor any books of scripture. It is
the simple system of using the spiritual energy. "Kiyoi = Good ki energy" and removing the
bad "ki" energy (="Kegare") are very important keyword in Shinto

I think 1) -3) has a lot of difficulties. But I think 4) is widely acceptable concept and
have possibilities to become the "Spiritual Platform".

Friday, January 01, 2010

"Economic diet"

When man or woman are young, they need to eat much. But If he or she are grown up enough, eating too much will be a cause of adult disease.

The economy is same as human being. When the society is young it need the growth of economy. But if it is grown up enough, the growth too much will be a cause of economic adult disease.

The prescription about this disease is "Economic diet". But it is difficult to balance the reduction between with rich people and poor people. It sometimes take from the poor people and enrich the rich people.

Japan had already do this "Economic diet" in Edo period. I think Japan can be the model case of "Economic diet". 

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Spiritual Platform

We need the true spiritual thought, not to become exclusive like religious fundamentalism, or not to lose the humanity in the materialism.

Then how can we reach such the truly spiritual thought? It is easy to avoid the materialism. We cannot prove spiritualism, but we can prove that materialism cannot build the happy society for human being.

The problem is religious fundamentalism including spiritual thought. Spiritual thought including the religion is made from the background like the thought of leader and founder, spiritual information from the higher guide or the knowledge of Bible and the doctrines, etc. They are not be proved, and they are not be fused. They are very difficult to co-work with and they are very difficult to confess a their mistake.

If the spiritual thought or religion are made from such background, they should be
exclusive and self-importance. We should immediately construct the true spiritual thought which is not exclusive and self-importance. I call such thought "Spiritual Platform" because it is not exclusive and self-importance.

The concept of platform is very similar to the concept of the platform it the computer world. The platform like the OS and internet have enabled to share the program or data, and to build the big network in the world.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Paradigm revolution

There are 'Conversation with the god' and 'The Celestine Prophcy' as two large best-sellers of spiritualism. In 'Conversation with the god', it is referred that the only thing that the human have not tried is the 'Changes in paradigm'. And also it is described that the purpose of 'Conversation with the god' is the change of the paradigm of the human race. 'The Celestine Prophcy' presents the story that the knowledge of prophecy changes the paradigm of the human race and the changes of paradigm causesthe changes of society.

If human's paradigm is changed various problems can be solved. Otherwise, there will be no improvement even if society and the system are greatly improved.
What disturbs the paradigm revolution? One is materialism, and the nother is religious fundamentalism.

The materialism is thought that nothing but material exist. The material civilization of the 20th century made the great wealth for human being. But it made the materialism, also.
If nothing but material exist, human is just a metarial like arobot. And we can't made backbone of the dignity of human. Wecan't answer such a simple question "Why is the murder guilt?".
Moreover, if the death is the end of life, moral hazard willbe occurred, because people think that they can do everything if they will die.

The materialism is not good, but the religion, philosophy, and spiritualism is not always good. The religious fundamentalismand cult makes human being more exclusive. They causes the cruel war and genocide.

I think we need the true spiritualism, not the materialism andnot the religious fundamentalism.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Spiritual Revolution

Our society have a lot of problems. But we don't have a clear answer about where to go and how to do.

I think we need a clear vision and realistic scenario about how to reachthe goal of new age. The vision and scenario should be simple, and should be agreed by a lot of people.

I want to describe the vision and the scenario of spiritual revolution by my own way here.

Spiritual revolution

1. The vision:
A new world and age are created by the human race's paradigm reformation.

(1)What is the human race's paradigm reformation?
-Being free from the materialism.
-Being free from the fundamentalism of religion and spiritual world.

(2)The image the new world and the new age.
-"New world and age"
=>"Material civilization" + "Culture of Bio-energy" + "Concept of spirit".
-From "Power and centralized system" to "Social sharing system"

2. Scenario:
(1)The first stage:
Appearance of new thought and philosophy (new paradigm platform).

(2)Second stage:
Spread of new paradigm and application to society.

(3)The third stage: Creation in the new world and age.