Saturday, January 02, 2010

Aspects of Shinto

I think there are 4 aspects in Shinto which is Japanese original religion.

1) Political religion - National Shinto
This is an aspect about Shinto which the governor of Japan use to govern the nation of Japan.
The Emperor was thought as the God and govern with the Shinto as the religious backbone.

2) Political religion - Old Shinto
This aspect is like the 1), but it are made by ordinary people, not by governor. "Tenri",
"Omoto", "Mahikari", and so on are famous religious organizations of old Shinto.

3) Spiritual aspect
There are a lot of spiritual being whose name are well known in Shinto.

4) Basical religion using "ki" energy.
I think there are no specific doctrine in Shinto religion, nor any books of scripture. It is
the simple system of using the spiritual energy. "Kiyoi = Good ki energy" and removing the
bad "ki" energy (="Kegare") are very important keyword in Shinto

I think 1) -3) has a lot of difficulties. But I think 4) is widely acceptable concept and
have possibilities to become the "Spiritual Platform".

Friday, January 01, 2010

"Economic diet"

When man or woman are young, they need to eat much. But If he or she are grown up enough, eating too much will be a cause of adult disease.

The economy is same as human being. When the society is young it need the growth of economy. But if it is grown up enough, the growth too much will be a cause of economic adult disease.

The prescription about this disease is "Economic diet". But it is difficult to balance the reduction between with rich people and poor people. It sometimes take from the poor people and enrich the rich people.

Japan had already do this "Economic diet" in Edo period. I think Japan can be the model case of "Economic diet".