Saturday, September 24, 2005

Spiritual Revolution

Our society have a lot of problems. But we don't have a clear answer about where to go and how to do.

I think we need a clear vision and realistic scenario about how to reachthe goal of new age. The vision and scenario should be simple, and should be agreed by a lot of people.

I want to describe the vision and the scenario of spiritual revolution by my own way here.

Spiritual revolution

1. The vision:
A new world and age are created by the human race's paradigm reformation.

(1)What is the human race's paradigm reformation?
-Being free from the materialism.
-Being free from the fundamentalism of religion and spiritual world.

(2)The image the new world and the new age.
-"New world and age"
=>"Material civilization" + "Culture of Bio-energy" + "Concept of spirit".
-From "Power and centralized system" to "Social sharing system"

2. Scenario:
(1)The first stage:
Appearance of new thought and philosophy (new paradigm platform).

(2)Second stage:
Spread of new paradigm and application to society.

(3)The third stage: Creation in the new world and age.

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Full Moon said...

Hi Ki-Master, I just dropped in on my way back to my Christian site. I liked what I
found and thought that I would leave you a note for your efforts in creating Spiritual Revolution.